We hear about the benefits of super greens like wheatgrass and kale frequently, but I have to say my favourite green is a humble weed. You will most likely find it neglected in gardens or fields, yet it’s one of the most powerful super foods of all. Dandelion greens can do just about anything from fixing digestive issues to helping your liver with detoxification. Here’s how:

  1. Improving liver function

Bitter greens like dandelion can increase the removal of waste products from the liver by stimulating the release of bile (which carries toxins) into the gut. From there, the toxins are eventually eliminated via the bowel. This encouragement of bile flow by bitters is an important aspect of healthy liver function.

  1. Influencing body shape

Dandelion greens feed your gut microflora (good bacteria). These microflora influence every part of your body but perhaps their most surprising effects are on body shape. Different types of microflora have been identified in obese versus lean individuals. Dandelion greens are the first step to altering your microflora for the better and keeping more of the ‘good guys’ alive. Detailed steps to boosting your microflora can be found in here.

  1. Supporting digestion

Not only do dandelion greens promote gastric acid secretion (for digesting food), their encouragement of microflora growth enhances nutrient absorption and creates a healthy gastrointestinal system. They also provide a source of fibre to aid digestion and bowel function.

You can enjoy dandelion greens in smoothies, salads, pesto or sautéed with vegetables. Adding these powerful greens to your diet is one of the simplest and most effective strategies to supercharge your health and enhance the way you feel every day.

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