5 ways a herb garden can enrich your life

‘My neighbour saw me sitting on my roof & invited me into his beautiful garden overlooking the sea. He picked me fresh figs from his tree, gave me a jar of his homemade tomato passata & told me “growing a piece of fruit or a flower is like bringing a child into the world.’

This is a beautiful post I read recently from my sister. It resonated with me as I have been enjoying the process of planting new herbs (after moving house) and watching them slowly flourish. Plants and herbs really are like children – they require love, protection and feeding and in return they keep you grounded by reminding you of the simple joys in life while giving you the most meaningful purpose of all – to nurture and sustain a life.

If you haven’t experienced the joy of growing your own plants or herbs it’s never too late to start! Herbs in particular are super easy to grow and come with many practical benefits:

1. The taste of freshly picked, homegrown herbs is far more pungent than store-bought varieties.

2. Growing your own herbs is economical because they regenerate for free and provide a continual supply of nutritious, flavoursome greens.

3. Fresh, homegrown herbs are higher in nutrients and add colour and life to your meals.

4. Homegrown herbs are free from nasty chemicals – you have complete control over how they are grown.

5. Picking herbs from your windowsill or garden connects you to your ingredients and makes the      experience of cooking more organic and interesting – plus it’s more convenient than running to the store!

Parsley, chives, thyme, rosemary, dill and oregano are good to start with as they are easy to grow and maintain. Give them love and nourishment and they will reward you with delicious and nutritious ingredients for wellness!

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